How to Prevent Workplace Accidents


Common Workplace Accidents

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees and customers are presented with a safe area. Not only is this a moral responsibility but legal ones as well. OSHA and other government agencies place legal requirements on employers to provide a safe space for all those who enter the property.

Workplace accidents are very common and injuries can vary from light to extreme. One of the most common accidents to occur are falling due to slips or tripping. There are measures that business owners can take to prevent them from occurring.

How to Prevent Fall Accidents in the Workplace

The workplace environment should always be cleared of clutter and other items that interfere with an employee navigating the space. Hallways and stairwells must be kept clear of merchandise and large objects or furniture.

Electrical cords and data cables should not cut across walkways. Even if they are covered with carpeting, employees are at risk of tripping and falling. All electrical cords and cables should run along the walls or inside to prevent an accident.

Check all the flooring for tear or rips. If the flooring is torn or becomes uneven then the chances of tripping and falling dramatically increase. All damaged flooring should be replaced as soon as possible.

Anyone who has tried to make their way around their home in the dark can attest to the difficulty of it. It is even harder for a place less familiar than your home. A well-lit room will help employees make their way around the building. Lighting on the outside of your building should also be added.

Have protocol put into place for small accidents like a spill. Having water on the floor can lead to slipping and falling. Employees should be sure to report it to maintenance or take the initiative to clean up the mess. Designate an area or broom closet that holds all the supplies needed to clean any spills.

Snap-On Baseboard

At Made Rite, we have designed the Snap-On Baseboards system to keep your business organized and free from falls. Our system works by installing baseboards that snap on and off but have the ability to hold wiring. Now you never have to worry about your employees tripping over cords or having to see unsightly cords.

Order yours here.



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