Adding New Networking Wiring to Your Building


Adding Networking Wire to Your Existing Structure

Wireless is very simple to install and use for most individuals there are many cons to it as well. For instance, the strength of Wi-Fi can depend on how close you are to the router and it is easily hacked by neighbors. Ultimately, a wired network is faster and is better secured in comparison to Wi-Fi. You are guaranteed to notice a difference in terms of internet use, downloading, and streaming.

Which makes it best for working from home and in office settings. Here is what you need to take into consideration when making the change.

Planning Your New Wiring

Before adding the new system to your structure, you will want to consider the layout of the wiring.

First, plan what rooms will need to be wired. If you are adding a wired network to your home you will want to choose the rooms that you will want high-speed internet access. The best places will be your home office, bedroom, and living room.

Your office will need hard lines in every room excluding the kitchen and restrooms.

Then you want to choose how many ports will be needed in every space. Your home may require a minimum of 4 connections. One for your computer, television, gaming console, and Blu-Ray player.

Your office may require more ports in every area to accommodate the amount of employees you have.

Once you have figured out how many connections you need then it is time to plan the wire path. There are several ways to lay out your path either along the floor, through the attic or basement, or along the top of the walls. The path will depend on the layout of your home or office.

Snap-On Baseboards for Network Wiring

It is time-consuming to add wiring through the attic or basement, nor is it always an option. When laying them along the floor or ceiling, you suffer from potential fall hazards and unsightly views of wires.

At Made Rite Inc., our innovative Snap-On baseboards allow you to install your wiring with ease. All while hiding unsightly wires that still grants easy access. For more information about our product, please visit our site.




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