Innovative Design: The Snap On Baseboard

snap on baseboard

Welcome to Made Rite, Inc.’s Blog Page!

On behalf of all of us here at Made Rite, we would like to welcome you to our blog page. Our goals for this blog is to keep all of our readers informed about upcoming events and products from our company. Before we get to that, we would like to take this time to tell you more about our company and our products.

Who is Made Rite, Inc.?

At Made Rite, we not only take pride in the products we make but strive to create innovative designs that reduce the time it takes our customers to complete a task. While we are increasing efficiency, we are also keeping the environment in mind. We are proud to say that our products also keep the protection of the environment in mind when they are being designed.

Snap On Baseboards

You may be asking yourself, “What are these designs exactly?” Our most popular item is our Snap On Baseboards. Not only has it been acclaimed nationally but it is a favorite design item with contractors. Why? They are easy to install and remove, durable, and resistant to water and termites. Not only are they wonderful for contractors but homeowners as well. The beauty lies in being able to install them without needing a special skillset. You can feel safe knowing that you will always have access to your wires and cables when you need them.

How they differ from regular baseboards is the ability to run wiring behind them. This eliminates unsightly cords from showing and reduces the chances of a trip and fall accident. Safety is an extremely important in any environment but none more so than in a work environment.


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If you are interested in more information about our company, we encourage you to visit our site and to keep checking back to our page. We look forward to working with you in the future.