Increase Workplace Productivity through Organization


Increase Productivity

The state of a work environment affects productivity more than some realize. A cluttered workspace will not yield the desired results because an employee’s mindset will be as scattered as the office. If you have notice the productivity rate of your employee’s has been slowly plummeting then it might be time to take action. The only solution to this problem is through organizing your space.

How to Organize Your Workspace

Start by throwing out objects that you do not need. Set up a day and time in which employees must go through their desks and toss items they no longer need or want. Provide them with plastic bags for trash and small boxes to take home items they would rather not throw away. Depending on the state of the office, purging should not take up more than half of the day.

Create a system within your office by dedicating specific areas for various items and documents. For instance, set up a small cabinet next to your printer that contains extra paper and toner. Set up a paper shredder nearby and a small trash can.

The same type of organization should be applied to your desk. Have trays or a small file stand set up on your desk. This is where your documents should be dropped off by employees or stored once you have completed your task. If your desk is big enough to allow it, set up an area where you do non-computer related activities such as reading over papers or signing them.

There should be a place for everything in your office and that includes a closet for coats to a small paper clip container. It keeps them out of sight enabling everyone to focus on the tasks at hand. By storing all of your supplies properly, it is easy to keep track of the inventory. When the office runs low on pens, the office manager can simply order more.

At M-Rite, we provide our own product to keep your office organized. Our Snap-On Baseboards ensure that your wiring is kept out of the walkways and out-of-sight which makes for a cleaner looking work environment.

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How to Prevent Workplace Accidents


Common Workplace Accidents

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees and customers are presented with a safe area. Not only is this a moral responsibility but legal ones as well. OSHA and other government agencies place legal requirements on employers to provide a safe space for all those who enter the property.

Workplace accidents are very common and injuries can vary from light to extreme. One of the most common accidents to occur are falling due to slips or tripping. There are measures that business owners can take to prevent them from occurring.

How to Prevent Fall Accidents in the Workplace

The workplace environment should always be cleared of clutter and other items that interfere with an employee navigating the space. Hallways and stairwells must be kept clear of merchandise and large objects or furniture.

Electrical cords and data cables should not cut across walkways. Even if they are covered with carpeting, employees are at risk of tripping and falling. All electrical cords and cables should run along the walls or inside to prevent an accident.

Check all the flooring for tear or rips. If the flooring is torn or becomes uneven then the chances of tripping and falling dramatically increase. All damaged flooring should be replaced as soon as possible.

Anyone who has tried to make their way around their home in the dark can attest to the difficulty of it. It is even harder for a place less familiar than your home. A well-lit room will help employees make their way around the building. Lighting on the outside of your building should also be added.

Have protocol put into place for small accidents like a spill. Having water on the floor can lead to slipping and falling. Employees should be sure to report it to maintenance or take the initiative to clean up the mess. Designate an area or broom closet that holds all the supplies needed to clean any spills.

Snap-On Baseboard

At Made Rite, we have designed the Snap-On Baseboards system to keep your business organized and free from falls. Our system works by installing baseboards that snap on and off but have the ability to hold wiring. Now you never have to worry about your employees tripping over cords or having to see unsightly cords.

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Adding New Networking Wiring to Your Building


Adding Networking Wire to Your Existing Structure

Wireless is very simple to install and use for most individuals there are many cons to it as well. For instance, the strength of Wi-Fi can depend on how close you are to the router and it is easily hacked by neighbors. Ultimately, a wired network is faster and is better secured in comparison to Wi-Fi. You are guaranteed to notice a difference in terms of internet use, downloading, and streaming.

Which makes it best for working from home and in office settings. Here is what you need to take into consideration when making the change.

Planning Your New Wiring

Before adding the new system to your structure, you will want to consider the layout of the wiring.

First, plan what rooms will need to be wired. If you are adding a wired network to your home you will want to choose the rooms that you will want high-speed internet access. The best places will be your home office, bedroom, and living room.

Your office will need hard lines in every room excluding the kitchen and restrooms.

Then you want to choose how many ports will be needed in every space. Your home may require a minimum of 4 connections. One for your computer, television, gaming console, and Blu-Ray player.

Your office may require more ports in every area to accommodate the amount of employees you have.

Once you have figured out how many connections you need then it is time to plan the wire path. There are several ways to lay out your path either along the floor, through the attic or basement, or along the top of the walls. The path will depend on the layout of your home or office.

Snap-On Baseboards for Network Wiring

It is time-consuming to add wiring through the attic or basement, nor is it always an option. When laying them along the floor or ceiling, you suffer from potential fall hazards and unsightly views of wires.

At Made Rite Inc., our innovative Snap-On baseboards allow you to install your wiring with ease. All while hiding unsightly wires that still grants easy access. For more information about our product, please visit our site.



Innovative Design: The Snap On Baseboard

snap on baseboard

Welcome to Made Rite, Inc.’s Blog Page!

On behalf of all of us here at Made Rite, we would like to welcome you to our blog page. Our goals for this blog is to keep all of our readers informed about upcoming events and products from our company. Before we get to that, we would like to take this time to tell you more about our company and our products.

Who is Made Rite, Inc.?

At Made Rite, we not only take pride in the products we make but strive to create innovative designs that reduce the time it takes our customers to complete a task. While we are increasing efficiency, we are also keeping the environment in mind. We are proud to say that our products also keep the protection of the environment in mind when they are being designed.

Snap On Baseboards

You may be asking yourself, “What are these designs exactly?” Our most popular item is our Snap On Baseboards. Not only has it been acclaimed nationally but it is a favorite design item with contractors. Why? They are easy to install and remove, durable, and resistant to water and termites. Not only are they wonderful for contractors but homeowners as well. The beauty lies in being able to install them without needing a special skillset. You can feel safe knowing that you will always have access to your wires and cables when you need them.

How they differ from regular baseboards is the ability to run wiring behind them. This eliminates unsightly cords from showing and reduces the chances of a trip and fall accident. Safety is an extremely important in any environment but none more so than in a work environment.


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